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Components from Ludy Engineering



We can advice you of the efficient designs as well on the latest "state-of-the-art" technologies, individual components and peripheral equiptment to your existing plant. It is not important whether it is moduar design capacity or productivity-enhancing measures for your plant. We as a system supplier delivere whatever you need.







Rinse and filter technology

  • Savings and spray rinse technique (water saving systems)
  • Flow monitoring (quality safety)
  • Optimized nozzle systems / venturi systems / eductor systems
  • Air injection as a ring-rod system
  • Effective vibration technology with optimised lamda control




Feeding and handling systems, special machines and 6 axis robot systems

        • Automatic loading and unloading of all materials
        • Robot integration and work scheduling as system solution
        • Island solutions in metallization (Robi-concept)




Exhaust energy recovery, energy saving measures

  • Push-pull systems to minimize exhaust
  • Exhaust air purification according to TA Luft with recycling systems
  • Atmospheric evaporative cooler (chrome)
  • Metal recovery
  • Optimization of the electrical loads
  • Energ-saving measures and calculation of optimization to INVEST

Waste- and water- treatment 

  • Accoring to BlmSch application (§4 federal Immisionsschutzgesetz)
  • Waste recycling systems
  • Regenerative systems
  • Compact sewage treatment plants
  • Ion exchange (VE-VI cycle)