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Plant engineering: our services and highlights

Product of the surface treatment in the core competence


At this point we focus on providing our customers a closed, controlled development process, wich brings the people, processes and technology into harmony. The development of this application deals with the requirements for an application, the design and subsequent production maturity.

Application in development

  • Innovation is modularization and standardization of the galvanizing plant
  • The basis and the modules are always expandable

The customer benefit / system shortage / capacity

  • Freely selectable stages of expansion and rapid conversion phases
  • Analysis of investment segments with insufficient capacity
  • Low investment cost and secure calculation of the extension
  • Vibration units for small parts in microelectronics
  • Space saving 2 level of investment techniques to efficiently maximize perfomance



Innovation and Planning

            • Modular system concepts
            • Modular capacity configuration
            • Process analysis, design and technology consulting
            • Creation of user requirements specification and functional specification




Realisation - Implementation and comissioning

  • Implementation of queries / reports and consultations
  • Quality requirements and quality assurance procedures
  • Integration of existing work and processes