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Pick and place of plating racks

Principles of modern handling during loading and offloading

  1. Delivery of the parts with a buffer or separation of parts including Paternoster with image recognition and analysis
  2. Fully automatic loading and offloading systems like direkt mounting with frame and hook recognition using image-laser
  3. Quality control and quality assurance on topographical defects in quality management by "shape of shading"
  4. Single integrated system and machine linkages with packaging units and standard palletizing


Our guiding principles for contemporary and innovative handling technology

  • Modern central logistics for your temporary storage using robotics and paternoster systems for storage and retrieval, stocking and bridging operations
  • Safety in handling and speed are very important factors. Profitability - Economics of Sales - Availability
  • Customisation options on handling parts with different dimensions, storage - access times - package
  • The cost of a handling system is significantly influenced by short access times and shorter transport routes, speed - space saving - universal



Yaskawa Robotik im Einsatz Be- und Entladen

Rack loading 

Rack offloading