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SigmaPlat Line®

A versatile PCB plant


The market for printed circuit board systems is highly competitive. Nevertheless, with many years of experience and innovative ideas, which meet the requirements of the constantly developing technology, it is possible to be successful. This applies in particular to systems for electroplating printed circuit boards. An example of this is an electroplating plant developed and produced by Ludy Galvanosysteme GmbH, for the demanding requirements of a customer, which is described below. It was handed over to GreenSourceFabrication LLC in Charlestown USA in August 2018. This order was won because, among other things, new innovative solutions could be offered for the required versatility.


New development: SlimPlate Line®


The new SlimPlate Line® was officially delivered and is now successful deployed in the customer production facility in austria. Decades of experience in surface treatment has been introduced and LUDY Galvanosysteme GmbH filed serveral patents for the new technologie.



Sadisfied customers are the best references. Here a list of succesful completed projects:



Die Website http://www.ludy.de und http://www.ludy.ch ist ein Projekt der Ludy Gruppe.





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